Eremidia: Dungeon! 1.2stable is about to be released soon

allen in love

The Royal Guard made a confession…

Months after 1.2Beta released, the stable version of Eremidia: Dungeon! is about to be released. Lots of mechanics reworked and the storyline is now heavily altered if compared to the 1.1 version.

In next update, there are several changes including the story, battle, and other mechanics. The story has been retouched by one of notable writers of RPGMakerID, LightNightKnight a.k.a. NightRider. Expect deep twists and characterizations in each dialogues, especially Iris Violachious. She now is more… sensual than ever.


Still, pay attentions and be caution when this alluring lady speaks such a word…

Some NPCs are changed, notifying the newly-formed affiliation between the Eremidia and other game project which developed by RPGMakerID members. For instance, meet Rossie from Aussenseiter project.


Wait. The potion seller is a 15-years-old girl?

In battle section, some characters received skill reworks. Nina Winhart and Marvel are one of them, received reworks to balance the gameplay and make their role more solid in the heat of each encounters.


Reworked Nina’s ultimate spell, Thunder Locus (d/h Thunderstorm)


Is that kid dead? Nope. He’s just playing dead. Reworked Marvel’s Playdead mechanism

Also, the promised Multilanguage mod created by LowlingLife will be available in next update, giving people who love Eremidia: Dungeon! a chance to translate the game into their languages. Spreading the love is way easier with the language you’re fond of, don’t you agree?


Translating the game was never been like this before. Hats off for LowlingLife for his splendid works in this mod.

The update will be shipped soon, circa late February or early March. When it comes, I’ll notify y’all. Don’t miss it, fella!



Just before the Act 1’s release

Eremidia: Dungeon! version 1.2, which is the turning point of previous versions, is about to be released. Currently the game is in proofread and spelling checks as the main concern from the previous ones are improper grammars and spelling errors.

So far and currently there are about 50 characters, either has been added into the game or hasn’t been yet. Well, I’ve compiled their sprites in a single file so you can see the casts of this community project.

And of course, more are coming and still in the waiting list. Aside from the existing characters, you might notice some new characters, including Theodoric Allen, Richter Heimsdel, Jack Valor, and those new faces you haven’t seen them before. Well, perhaps you can spot your favorite character there, right?

Anyway, the last phase of development, but not the least, is the implementation of Hit Effects. Some of characters and monsters’ attacks will causing a slow-motion effect (or much more like a screen freeze), like in old-school fighting games.

Well, that’s all for now. Stay tuned for the updates, fella.