Just before the Act 1’s release

Eremidia: Dungeon! version 1.2, which is the turning point of previous versions, is about to be released. Currently the game is in proofread and spelling checks as the main concern from the previous ones are improper grammars and spelling errors.

So far and currently there are about 50 characters, either has been added into the game or hasn’t been yet. Well, I’ve compiled their sprites in a single file so you can see the casts of this community project.

And of course, more are coming and still in the waiting list. Aside from the existing characters, you might notice some new characters, including Theodoric Allen, Richter Heimsdel, Jack Valor, and those new faces you haven’t seen them before. Well, perhaps you can spot your favorite character there, right?

Anyway, the last phase of development, but not the least, is the implementation of Hit Effects. Some of characters and monsters’ attacks will causing a slow-motion effect (or much more like a screen freeze), like in old-school fighting games.

Well, that’s all for now. Stay tuned for the updates, fella.