Just a random thought about merchant

“A merchants happiness hangs upon chance, winds, and waves”

I’ve played some games which has feature to buy or sell your every piece of hard work, loots found, or even your useless scraps to some shops or even a traveling merchant. Definitely, you can use the money earned for something more useful in your quest, or just for spending a night in a pub at countryside or waterfront.

Not to mention that some of merchants are greedy enough to cut the price of your selling stuffs, or even cut your purse in smooth way.

In some games, there are chances to get your own purse cut by a filthy merchant whose greed dominates him, throws faith away himself. Thus leaves you with cheap items and losing lots of gold in your wallet. Disgraceful, you can only stare at those cheap items in your bag and the purse that those gold given to the greed merchant should be there, wondering if he refuse that merchant’s offering.

If only you can alter, or haggle the merchant…

“The merchants and the traders have come; their profits are pre-ordained. Those who practice Truth reap the profits, abiding in the Will of God. With the Merchandise of Truth, they meet the Guru, who does not have a trace of greed.”