E:D!1.2 Development

Splash 1.2

Fall 2014? Perhaps. But we hope it’s Fall 2014…

We’re back!

After a long time going prone and scratching the desk with stuffs and such, the development of Eremidia: Dungeon! 1.2 is announced today.

Along with new characters, in the update will be added new enemies, new targeting system, revamped items, and of course access to new areas as well.  The storyline will be a bit different if compared with E:D!1.1 that makes the Scout’s and the King’s role will be more intense.

The sprites will be updated, too, as in the splash image above. Well, these are samples created by me, richter_h.


Planned in the table that there will be about 35-40 characters, with dozen of new accessible dungeons.

Well, if you have suggestions and have something to be added in the next update, I’m all ears.

Cheers, and wish us luck to finish the E:D!1.2~