Reduce, recycle, revamp!

First, I feel sorry to announce this but Eremidia: Dungeon! release will be delayed
again. The latest test revealed many glitches to be fixed. They need some attentions or else you won’t enjoy playing the game later.

Last month, the development was focused on code optimization. You know, the inner core of the game’s system is kinda hell full of messy codes, unnecessary comments, previous test leftovers… In short, it’s like cleanup and housekeeping. Also, after delving back into the scripts, I found I need to separate and organize them all so the debugging  won’t be as painful as the last time.

Aside of the messy scripts, there are some improvements in the game, especially, as always, the battle scene.
The cursor replaced with the new one, takes a form of a feather. There’s more! When the feather appoints a target, the feather turns red. This is kinda alternative of target indicator besides of the info window at top left of the screen.

Targeting now is more tricky, since some target features require no actual target to be executed. Be wary when casting skills, because once you target carelessly, you might send your Companion to attack nothing in the field.
Souki here, being drunk, slashing the thin air for all but nothing.

Some animations reworked, as well with new skills. In this version some characters will have new abilities, replacing the existed one. Andy Landwalker won’t deal as much damage as normal when in Rave Off mode, Marvel can move when Playing Dead, Vent McGraves can heal himself while Drinking, new Villeta Nightwish’s spell set and Lyka’s passive ability, and many more.

Of course, enemies got new skills set, too, but you can find them out later in the game. They won’t lose every of the battle that easily, and they will do their best to give the Frog King and his Companions a hard time in each encounter.

Here are some samples of the skill sequences as well with new animations.

The Companion Status screen revamped, too. New icons added to present the designated stats. Not much changes, but it’s better than nothing.

Talking about the database, there is major balance in Companions and enemies stat, and I decided to raise the rate for HP and MP from 3 to 7. Although it has been tested in latest test, it still needs a tweak to balance the overall game.

Perhaps the Quest list is mentioned less than any other features, but there is a plan to expand the side-quests into several part, and each of the side-quest has handsome reward to be noted. Some will give the Frog King a mere gold, or items, meanwhile some will give him Craft Item recipe and even unlock a new Companion. I promise, each of side-quests will be rewarding.

That’s all the log for now. Ensuring the game works well, safe and sound is a serious deal.


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