Eremidia: Dungeon! v1.1.12 patch

Patch 1.1.12
This patch should fix the Smokescreen bug, Level Up bug and Hazel Ruins lv.7 lever glitch. If you already have 1.1.04 and/or has been patched into 1.1.07, replace the files with the patch. Only works for E:D!1.1


– Score feature now won’t return floating numbers
– Fixed Andy’s Smokescreen error that forcing the game to close
– Fixed lever bug in Hazel Ruins lv.7 that doesn’t open the gate and ceasing Rhasta to talk when player attempts to interact

– Andy
Smokescreen agility reduction removed
– Villeta
Spell Return chance increased by 5%
– Nina
Telekinesis won’t throw disabled ally

Extract and replace the files in the zip into Dungeon! folder. Only works for Eremidia: Dungeon! v1.1.04. If you have your game is in v1.1.07, you don’t need to grab this patch.

Download here: Eremidia: Dungeon! patch 1.1.12

Cheers, and please let me know if you find bugs or have suggestions.


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