Eremidia: Dungeon! v1.1.07 patch

This patch will fix the level up error when Ningrum is in party. Also, some minor fixes included and added a visual effect of level up.


– Fixed error when level up if Ningrum is in party
– When level up, level up animation shown on Companion’s sprite

– Marvel
Strength decreased by 1
Agility decreased by 1
Intelligence decreased by 1
– Iuna
Chilling Embrace armor reduction increased by 2 per stack
– Ryuna
Dragon Invocation now has 40% chance of stun
Dance of Dragon stun chance increased to 40%
Dragon Shock effect of Dragon Invocation and Dance of Dragon decreases armor by 2
– Lotte
Invocation: Nature now won’t stun target
– Lyka
Fixed glitch when Lyka shifts his Form Mattock that causing stun to certain enemy

Extract and replace the files in the zip into Dungeon! folder. Only works for Eremidia: Dungeon! v1.1.04. If you have your game is in v1.1.07, you don’t need to grab this patch.

Download here: Eremidia: Dungeon! patch 1.1.07

Cheers, and please let me know if you find bugs or have suggestions.


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