Introducing: Howl the Behemoth

After dealing with database overhaul, now I decided to show one of new characters: Howl the Behemoth.

Howl originated from Eremidia, thus he is included in Eremidia Legends Epochs (the first one is Nina Winhart). One of Nirvanne’s disciple who once was a Earth King, he likes to brawl like a real man and has devastating skills in his… No. He wears no shirts so I can’t tell him he has devastating skills in his sheath.

Here is some of his fights, as in battle test

Ground Slam. Reminds us tu Lyka’s Shockwave but with 50% stronger effect. Trust me, it’s so strong!

His ultimate skill available, and maybe the most powerful AoE ability. Earthking’s Wrath deals damage twice, and it’s total pain in each hit.

There are three more new characters: Mars Rougefolk, Cecilia Fortuna and one of the archaic age’s hero, of RPGMakerID, Gate Charles. Well, there are more characters to be made, so stay tune for another updates.

P.S.: Perhaps the ED1.1 won’t be released at new year’s eve for some reason. Hope I can make it, though…


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