Eremidia: Dungeon! v1.0.20

This update intended to maximize the “teamplay” so player must take at least 4 Heroes to dwell the Dungeon. Also, there are some balances occured in this version.

– New feature: Battle Difficulty
– Now player can choose difficulty of the game. Accessible at the very   beginning, when player
choose New Game
– Consists of four difficulties:
– Beginner: Enemies in battle will have 75% of their regular stats
– Normal: Enemies in battle will have regular stats
– Advanced: Enemies in battle will have 125% of their regular stats
– Expert: Enemies in battle will have 150% of their regular stats
– Implemented Exit at the menu, allowing player to quit the game properly
– Shop with dime currency now will accept transaction if player has enough dime and less Dnas
— Also now will show the actual amount of item carried by player correctly
— And there is an info that you can press SHIFT to show item’s description
– Fixed glithces at the town involving passabilities and BGMs
– Fixed glitch at the title screen when accessing Credits first then choose New Game
– Each inactive character has up to 4 dialogue line
– Secret Boss Mars moved to Hazel Ruins floor 12
– Added new secret boss: Cecilia at Hazel Ruins floor 11

– Reworked damage calculation
Now calculate damage value, effects and reductions, then variance
– Some of the abilities have afterimage effect, indicating the special moves
– Master Staff won’t multiply Ashen’s and Villeta’s ultimate spell anymore
– Guarding now grants 50% bonus regen instead of twice of character’s regen rate
– Fixed Innate skill bug if the character is muted
– Fixed the Mass Resurrection scrolls bug that not happened when supposed to revive all heroes
– Fixed error involving evasion rate that triggered by Premonition condition
– Fixed bug when all party member perished and player decided to try again
– Fixed bugs and glitches in Immortal Phoenix encounter
– Now the animation of several spells displayed correctly if the character is charmed

– All heroes
Now have correct stat growth based on the written STR, INT and AGI growth in the Epochs
The damage shown in status now is the actual damage dealt per attack
All heroes’ ultimate abilities are placed at the very bottom of the list
– Marvel
Focus now grants 25% damage bonus
– Iuna
Base Agility decreased by 1
Base Intelligence decreased by 2
– Andy
Premonition now grants 25% Agility bonus
– Vent
New idle stance
Primal Surge now doesn’t grant bonus damage anymore
– Dorothy
Gale Strike now will steal enemy’s gold or item automatically
Gale Strike base damage decreased by 10
– Ningrum
New idle stance
– Villeta
Normal attack will only shot once if poorly-timed
Ars Bolt now reduces enemy’s damage by 8/14/20/26/32
– Razh
Bio updated, now uses name Enthrea instead of the previous one
Warrior’s Spirit now grants 25% bonus damage
– Mark
Astrengung now grants 25% bonus damage
– Lotte
Song of the Damned removed
Rune Form: Rune Fighter now reduces damage by 25%
Guardian Rising reworked
— Gives an ally 10/20/30/40/50 damage block and 2/4/6/8/10 HP regen that lasts 2 turns
— Cooldown of the spell is 1 turn
— Same effect won’t stack
Aldheimian Rhapsody reworked
— Reduces allies’ damange taken by 25% and amplifies enemies’ damage taken by 25%
— Grants 8 HP regen bonus
— Effect lasts 3 turns
— Now Aldheimian Bless effect won’t make heroes to be nearly-invincible
– Lyka
Corrected the stun chance value of Rightbash (25% instead of 45%)
Form Sword now reduces damage by 25%
– Arphage
Exclamation effect now prevent Arph to cast abilities
– Nina
Base Strength decreased by 1
Telekinesis reworked
— manacost decreased to 6/9/12/15/18 and base damage decreased by 10
— base cooldown decreased to 2 and is an Instant-cast spell
— Has new spell sequence
Chain Lightning cooldown increased by 1
Unwielding Toss stun chance now only 40% and has new sequence
Nina now can’t cast Unwielding Toss if there is no valid ally to toss
Pharmacology removed
Static Shock blast damage decreased by 5
Static Purge damage amplification increased to 25% of damage taken

– All enemies now don’t have gold growth factor
– All enemies’s stat increased by 25%-50%
– Immortal Phoenix’s Charm to male characters now reduces 25% of damage

– Corruption Orb armor reduction stack increased to 8
– Health Booster now only grants 15 HP
– Mana Booster now only grants 10 MP
– Point Booster now only grants 10 HP and 5 MP
– Soul Booster now only grants 25 HP and 15 MP
– Stone of Magic now only grants 30 HP and 20 MP
– Miller Shield now grants 15 HP instead of 20
– Fixed HP and MP gain from multiple source of boosts (stats or Booster, or both)
– Helm of Blitz, Helm of Kuro and Helm of Rei’s stat boost increased by 2
– Chainmail, Ringmail and Platemail armor bonus decreased by 2, Helmet and Ring armor bonus decreased by 1
– Affects other Craft items that include these items
– Sigil of Hero now costs 800 Dnas
– Sigil of Giant now costs 1200 Dnas
– Sigil of Gods recipe price increased from 800 to 1000

Download here: Eremidia: Dungeon! v1.0.20

If you find bugs or something wrong, I’m all ears. Also, let me know what you want to see in next update by sending email to


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