Eremidia: Dungeon! v1.0RC1 patch

This patch is for fixing glitches and known bugs in Eremidia: Dungeon! v1.0RC1, which in majority prevent player to complete quests.


– Fixed missing BGM at cliff
– Fixed dialogue line at Mr. Lao’s in Preparation quest, after summoning Heroes
– Fixed incorrect Grace Amulet recipe
– Fixed animation glitch when evading spells
– Fixed Crystal bug at Hazel Ruins 4th floor
– Skybridges at Hazel Ruins 3rd floor now more visible
– New battle BGMs:
>> Eremidia’s Theme
>> Overcome the Challenge
>> Wild Foes Appear
– New battle BGM depends on current Companions.
>> Vent McGraves’ theme, Tale of the Drunken Hustler
>> Dorothy Gale’s theme, Dance of Fortune
>> Ningrum Hapsari’s theme, Armageddon
>> Ryuna’s theme, Oriental Fighter
>> Andy Landwalker and Nella Shadowind’s theme, Long Journey

– Chance to evade incoming attack when perfectly timed now only 25%

– Souki
Shining Blade Cut base damage decreased by 5
Chaotic Deep Hazard base damage decreased by 10
– Nella
Almaring isn’t a leveled weapon anymore
Base damage increased by 6
Metabolic Boost now grants 6/12/18/24/30 bonus damage buff
– Ryuna
Dragon Invocation now has cooldown
– Flay
Nethertoxin initial bonus damage decreased by 2
– Forte
Katana isn’t a leveled weapon anymore
– Arphage
Shining Blade Cut base damage decreased by 5
Chaotic Deep Hazard base damage decreased by 10

– Slime, Hound, Skeever and Talonfoot bounty decreased to 1 Gold, 1 Dime, 2 EXP point
– Cockatrice bounty decreased to 2 Gold and 2 Dime, and 4 EXP points
– Wasp and Bat bounty now only 1 Gold and 2 EXP
– Sketelon bounty decreased to 3 Golds, 3 Dimes, 3 EXP
— And Sketelons will more susceptible against physical attacks
– Kobold, Buzzard bounty now only 3 Golds, 2 Dime, 4 EXP
– Ursine bounty now only 5 Golds, 2 Dime, 5 EXP
— Ursine and Enraged Ursine has increased base damage by 6
– Gargoyle bounty decreased to 4 Golds, 2 Dime, 5 EXP
– Wyvern bounty increased to 12 Golds, 12 Dime
– Nightshade bounty increased to 18 Golds, 18 Dime
– Troll bounty increased to 6 Golds, 4 Dime
– Enraged Troll bounty increased to 9 Golds, 7 Dime
– Flay who summoned by Dark Scripter now has 10 armor and 40% evasion rate
— Enemy Flay’s poison damage increased by 10
– Fixed bug if Ghost, Shade or Wraith casts Manaburn

– Clover Headdress now also grants 2 damage bonus
– Buckler only block 10 damage in 60% chance, while Just Shield will only block 5 damage in 100% chance and Miller Shield will block 15 damage in 60% chance

This patch also changes BGMs when encountering bosses.

Download the patch here: Eremidia: Dungeon! v1.0RC1-patch1.0.0.1

How to install: Extract the patch in the game folder. Easy, isn’t it?


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