ED 0.9 Beta progress

Eremidia: Dungeon! Beta has been released and tested by several fellows of RPGMakerID. After gathering feedbacks and bug reports, maybe the 1.0 won’t be released soon but it’ll come as a stable one. Maybe I’ll focus on player experience and refining some key features as well with refining the game design itself…

Well, it seems the strife to release Eremidia: Dungeon! is about to begin. More things await, and more things need to be added.

Also, I won’t be alone developing the game; TheoAllen, friend of mine, will provide the documentation (probably in fan-documentation flavor) in Indonesian, so Indonesian player can be helped a bit with features, informations and probably his opinions throughout Eremidia: Dungeon as he is the first and the most informed tester since the Beta released, even in pre-Beta one.

Thanks to testers to spend their time to test the game and share their thoughts. May we can share our thoughts again along with the progress of Eremidia: Dungeon!


note: if you want to try the 0.9 Beta, check the Facebook Page of Westerland Story; the download link attached in one of the recent posts.


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